Founded by Raul Anghelescu and Andrei Albu, Stradale was born out of the need to inspire authenticity and boldness in a world where people have a hard time leaving their comfort zones and aspire to become better every day.

That’s why we selected each and every one of our glasses with only one purpose in mind: to help everyone express their personality  and embrace their unique selves.


We aim to redefine the luxury eyewear segment by constantly being up to date with the latest trends and demands, pushing the boundaries even further and creating designs which no one else have ever seen before. 

We aim to create sunglasses which do break the norms.


Quality is not questionable. Crafted with passion and attention to the smallest details, each of our designs is set to make you stand out. See it like an attention grabber. You just can't pass unnoticed.

Be sure to get a glimpse of our mission on @stradaleco and be up to date with our latest releases.