What are Some Travel Essential Sunglasses?

For many people, taking an outing or an excursion means getting the chance to refresh and create new memories at the shore or among the snow-clad peaks. It's necessary to give a thought to a few of the top sunglasses to safeguard your eyes from the sun while looking stylish with whatever outfit you pack when spending time in a new city or country.

Pastel Sunglasses

As the name suggests, pastel sunglasses have paler and softer shades. They are elegant owing to the color shades used on the frame. Some of the best color shades to consider for your eyewear include pink, salmon, and blue, which don’t have to certainly conform to what you’re wearing. They can bring more attention to your look. Select a set of big and thick pastel sunglasses, which look vogue and high-class. Amazingly, neon hues have also re-appeared and are a top look to choose if you want to put in a pop of color to your apparel.

Rainbow Aviators

Rainbow aviators contain all of the best colors that let you look confident and attractive when paired well with a nice outfit, preferably a swimwear. Also, particular lenses such as mirrored lenses help to keep your eyes discrete while clearly viewing your surroundings. The sleek design of the frames makes them look dapper and be useful if you want to make an impression in a tropical destination.

Striped Sunglasses

If you wish to rock in-demand eyewear, go for a pair of striped sunglasses, which will also draw more attention to your face. They are available in different colors and are popular for they don’t look ordinary and conventional. They hold the oceanic-like look and will fit precisely when required, especially when you’re spending time on a boat or dining at a beachside restaurant during your trip.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

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Cat-eye sunglasses have made a comeback from the 50s and 60s in recent years owing to their enhanced flair and personality. The shades are particularly feminine and are famous for their unusual shape with pointed edges on top of each lens. Many cat-eye frames are made from metal, thereby making them look upmarket and stylish.

Blended Frames and Lenses

Their frames and lenses have the same color shade. Matching your lenses with the frames makes a statement and they are available in a spectrum of colors. For instance, they'd be a great unconventional pair to wear while vacationing in Fiji or Hawaii, or Bali.

Floral Sunglasses

Sunglasses with a floral pattern are among the most current trends because they haven’t been seen on most people in past years. They are highly preferred by women these days. These sunglasses with banging shades allow the ladies to get in touch with their feminine side. The style is excellent to wear with a summer dress while adding attributing your attire with the funky print on the frames.

Oversized Eyewear

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A pair of oversized eyewear will make you look classy and trendy when reclining poolside or at the waterfront. They add a tinge of drama to any outfit, thereby making a statement, and moreover, work well for obstructing the harmful sun rays. All-black frames are greatly elegant and top-class in such sizes.

Round Eyewear

Round eyewear is very boho and retro, and thereby, the fad has been a popular look for outdoor festivals. The frames look cheerful and fun when paired with fringed dresses and tie-dye tanks. They also include colored tinted lenses or mirrored lenses, as per your personal preference. Pair it with a braid or two and sneakers, and you’ll be ready for your trip.


Round Clubmasters continue to remain a popular choice to wear thanks to their retro-inspired style, which is favored by both men and women of all generations. The shades having gold detailing with a big black border on the top of each lens is generally worn by those who are fond of spending time at the beach. This has been proven to be a universal style since it works well on all face shapes and pairs well with bikinis or Bermuda shorts with their cool and casual design.

Blending all the above types with UV protection and polarization will give you an extra advantage. Prefer sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection to get maximum protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Polarized sunglasses can lessen glare. Wraparound lenses obstruct light and glare from the sides as well as the front. Besides the sun, spending time outdoors exposes you to more risk of damage from sand, dust, wind, and even snow, which can cause snow blindness.

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Considering all, numerous things need to be assessed while choosing a perfect pair for a perfect vacation. For adventurous and water activities, polarized glasses are the best. Similarly, eco-friendly glasses aid in sustainable tourism. Many prefer inexpensive sunglasses, while some always pick high-end brands. So, it all depends as per our choices, mode of travel, and budget.

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