The Only Accessories You Actually Need This Summer

These months of summer. It's hot! How can you stand out from the crowd with minimal options? Just like sprinkles on ice cream, accessories add that extra something to every outfit. Accessories enable you to stand out and put in a sense of your personality to your outfit.

 1. The perfect pair of sunglasses

This time of year sunglasses are essential. The perfect pair can up your casual style, but the most crucial thing is to protect your eyes. You may opt for slim sunglasses. Look for slim frames such as Gentle Touch from Stradale, which are available in six colours. Besides making a style statement, they also safeguard your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

Gentle Touch Sunglasses


Furthermore, Vestigio sunglasses have got our vote for being quirky and chic. These pairs having a unique look are available in five shades.

 2. A classic watch

This accessory is very common but often ignored. A watch is a traditional element of style that should always be adorned. It should be functional as well as durable. Switch up the style and/or the brand. There are a lot of quality brands that you will get your money’s worth out of. Like always people, it's in the details.

 3. Summer Hat

A summer hat has long been a staple in a fashionista's wardrobe. You must have depended on hats to withstand all types of weathers and for several events. Hats were worn as a symbol of sophistication and also used for necessity. Akin to sunglasses, hats are a useful component of our closet and can be styled awesomely. Pick a summer hat built from breathable stuff with a sweat-wicking or sweat-absorbing headband. As the summer is all about being light and leisure, your hats should obey the suit. An additional advantage of upgrading your headgear is the enthusiasm that it will give rise to. It’s an accessory that attracts people and often receives compliments. A great hat can become the centrepiece of the look.

 4. Light Footwear

Prefer accessories that are light-coloured and lightweight, besides being usable. Many people, particularly those who like to dress conservatively, stay away from accessories. That’s a misstep. Summertime accessories are a bit different.

 Summer is a good time to add flavours to your shoe game. Quality is specified by the construction and materials. Shuffle it up during the summer with a lightweight shoe, something that is comfy and breathable. Look to try canvas or cotton for the upper and a sole made of jute rope. The breathability of the material keeps the foot cool; the fabric can carry all types of colours and patterns.

Apart from the lightweight shoe, ensure that you wear no show socks, which is the most popular pick that's out. It's so useful that it can aid in the health of your feet. It can absorb sweat and also help to curb foot odour and fungi from forming. It also saves the foot from chafing owing to rubbing on the shoe.


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