The Dummies Guide For Picking Up The Perfect Sunglasses

Sunglasses are incredibly logical complements. Not merely do they safeguard your eyes from sun rays but also do not give us a chance to squint, thereby preventing wrinkles.

Various options are there to select from when it comes time to grab a new pair of sunglasses, which makes it fun but also quite rigorous.

Begin by selecting the right size and style of frame as per your face shape. Later, you can conclude what colour of the lens will suffice your requirements.

How To Choose Sunglasses for Your Face Type

1. Selecting as Per Your Face Shape

Go for brown or black frames of larger sizes if your face is oval-shaped. Moreover, you can don almost any set of frames you desire. An oval is deemed the holy grail of face shapes. Darker coloured lenses will emphasize your cheekbones. Cat-eye frames, aviators, round frames, squared frames, and the like are interesting alternatives for you to explore.

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Also, if your face is oval-shaped but small also, pick smaller frames in order to not hide your facial features. Wayfarer, hingeless, rectangle, and rimless or semi-rimless frames would be good alternatives for you. The only recommendation for oval-shaped faces is to avoid frames with arms hanging too low, as this will make your face look long.

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Opt for cat-eye glasses if you have larger brows and a smaller chin, i.e., a heart-shaped face. Of all the faces, the heart shape is one of the most complicated to the frame. it’s crucial not to add additional weight to the top half of the face. A complicated chore when that’s where glasses sit. Additionally, round glasses, smaller rectangular glasses, and rimless glasses are great for you.

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Opt for a big and rounded frame in case of the square-shaped face. As a rule of thumb, the shape of your sunglasses should be contrary to the shape of your face. Small frames could make your face look larger. Aviators or square-shaped sunglasses are great picks for you.

Select a wide and angled frame if you have a round-shaped face. It's necessary to select sunglasses that are slightly wider than the broadest area of your face. Rectangular and square sunglasses are recommended for this case.

2. Safe Bets

Classic frame shapes such as aviators, Clubmasters, and Wayfarers are contemplated such for a purpose – they work and have been working for decades. Dare to try a particular style despite a lot of other people already wearing them.

3. Invest in Quality

The nicest sunglasses labels are capable of your moolahs. Decent lenses, decent build quality, and a decent overall look rationalize the additional cost, and the right set would last years (I mean if you don't step over it intentionally or unintentionally!). Ordinary options don’t look and feel the same and lack the same protective qualities.

4. Selecting the Right Colour Lens

Pick brown lenses for seeing at far distances easily. If you play outdoor sports a lot, yellowish-orange lenses can boost your depth judgment and strain your eyes less.

Grab black lenses for a sunny and cloudy area. They decrease glare, protect your eyes, and prevent your eyes from getting exhausted. Like brown lenses, they’re a good option in case of outdoor activities, especially driving.

Style with a hint of care is something I prefer. Blue and lenses curtail glare and are recommended for sunny and cloudy climates. Besides, they look trendy!

Buy polarized lenses if you play water sports or despise the sunlight. Polarized lenses let you have a great vision without squinting your eyes. They act as a barrier from the rays of the sun and reduce glare, thereby enabling a clearer vision. A majority of polarized lenses have UV protection.

Take your moment, make your judgment, and enjoy your fresh and better set of sunglasses!

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