The Best Winter Accessories For The Season

Winter is almost here, and you’ll need some cold-weather accessories to warm you up and make your wintry adventures much more amazing. Ideal winter accessories will go a long way in protecting any bare skin and make you look chic while doing it.

1. Cozy Foot Warmers, Socks and Tights

Whether skiing, sledging or capturing the Northern lights, foot warmers are an important accessory during the winters. Keeping your feet warm assists to redistribute heat around the body so that we can slip into a relaxed nap - a winter no-brainer. Not only the foot warmers just before bed work well, but a pair of cosy socks can also keep the warmth continuing right through a long period. Whether at home or running for work, you must always have on your cosiest pairs of socks. If you don’t have any fresh pairs this season, you should undoubtedly invest in buying some. They conform to your aesthetic effortlessly. A decent pair of tights with super-subtle lettering is merely noticeable. This means you can rock them with everyday dresses and skirts. They add a dash of style to your outfit without overpowering it.

2. Knit Beanies

A pom beanie is by far our most loved winter accessory! First of all, they are extremely cute — a knit beanie topped with a fuzzy pom-pom will make you happy on a chilly winter day. Second and most significant, they keep your head warm! Heavier knits help keep the chill off.

3. Oversized Scarves

An oversized scarf is a socially acceptable strategy to put on a blanket in public! They bind a look together, can be donned with or without a jacket or coat, and keep you warm. The fortunate part is, you can own an entire collection for every occasion! For a more fashionable style, pastelpastel colours ands and block remarkabledesigns are amazing. Also,Oversized geometric print vesscarves canserve as a blanket for icyicy offices orflightschilly morning flights. Moreover,Moreover, splashes of different colours like different colours like pink, grey and black will make these scarves harmonizefit well with any coat. 

4. A Pair Of Gloves or Mittens

Colours like black and pink arein, but our favourite is the beige for its versatility. This snug accessory provides warmth all winter long. You can go for classy options too. A combination of leather and suede will give an ultra-luxurious feel. It will offer edgy street style cred, but such classy pairs go much better with power-lady suits and cocktail dresses.

5. Furry Earmuffs and Headbands

Besides hats, we swear by furry earmuffs and headbands this winter. These cosy, soft, fluffy, and slightly oversized pairs are very on-trend. Once you try them, you'll certainly ditch your trapper hat; the same cosy feel as a beanie but without the hat hair. So, take your pick and then put on your favourite chunky sweater and snow boots.

6. A Bunch of Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses in the winter is crucial because sunrays are still strong although the sun sits lower in the sky than during summer. Apart from this, ultraviolet radiation from the sun can damage your eye including the eyelid skin, cornea and lens. For the coming season, out of all the options Stradale offers, our pick would be Legacy and Renegade sunglasses. While Legacy sunglasses are a blend of geometrical and round frames, Renegade are the classic futuristic glasses. Both these sunglasses come in black shades with Renegade also available in Brown. Being slightly oversized these shades would also protect the skin around the eyes. Legacy sunglasses cost just $47, whereas Renegade’s price is $45. Legacy shade is best for every occasion but an ideal one for a day out with friends. Renegade is apt for road trips. Both these shades conform to every outfit.

7. A Stylish Pair of Boots

An oversized coat, a snuggly sweater and a trendy pair of boots are all you need for your winter wear. As the climate changes, it's time to pull on something warmer—and this season, boots come in all varieties. Many styles rule this season: from snow boots to shearling pairs, and not to forget, the classic black boots.

8. Sweaters for every occasion

If not a fan of splashy prints or designs, a more subtle one like grid prints is perfect for you. Sweaters are something you reach for without thinking much about them. Consider buying oversized sweaters in decent prints and pastel colours. To keep them in their oversize condition, let them air-dry. Pair these with brown over-the-knee boots. Moreover, neutral sweaters are exciting winter pieces, and when they get some all-over pearl embellishments, they achieve a new level of amazingness! If there is an occasion wherein you don't want to completely cover-up, a sweater with a cutout across one shoulder is the perfect way to show some skin while still staying warm.

Whether you're fond of exploring the incredible outdoors or simply want to stay warm at your workplace, these winter accessories will certainly help you get through the season in style.

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