Sunglasses to rock with your hairstyles

A hairstyle that mismatches a pair of sunglasses is a dilemma that makes many people hesitant to wear sunglasses on a day-to-day basis. Hairstyles that look nice with sunglasses are varied, but the principle is basic - the hairstyle must conform to the shape of the frame.

1. Round shaped frames

The so-called John Lennon's frames or other round-rimmed sunglasses look terrific with short or long, messy hair. Beach waves fit them also. Contrarily, round mirror sunglasses will suit a preppy look.  Huge rounded sunglasses are also a nice choice for women who yearn to ooze mystery. Gallia by Stradale is one of the quirkiest options among round sunglasses. Available in three colour combinations, these sunglasses provide UV protection along with being shock resistant.

2. Cat-eye shaped frames

Asymmetrical frames (wider at the top and rounded at the bottom) are perfect for hairstyles from the 1920s, 30s or 40s – top buns, curls and high-heels. For the women donning a pixie cut, do not be afraid to wear these quirky sunglasses with an extraordinary style. If you’re going for a classy and feminine look, put on a pair of Harley Black sunglasses. If you’re having a bob cut like Emma Watson and Lucy Hale, then cat-eye sunglasses are a perfect option. Sophie by Stradale is the perfect pair for you if you want to opt for a Harley black shaped frame. Besides providing UV protection, this pair is durable and comfortable. These sunglasses have five colour combinations. Once you have a look at them, you would certainly want them in your vanity.

Harley black shaped

3. Wayfarers, Aviators and Oversized sunglasses

With thick temples, wayfarers look decent with a loose ponytail or plait on the side of the head. They also match in a smoothly combed, high ponytail. Women with long hair can look good in numerous sunglasses styles. Oversized frames work flawlessly for people who like a hippie look, while sunglasses with angular frames are for women with curly locks. Such sunglasses, especially Aviators, have a huge following. You wouldn't wanna miss on those stylish yet UV protected Aviators, available in two colour combinations on Stradale.

4. Rectangular shaped frames

It's among the rare shapes of glasses that are not suitable for bangs. The perfect hairstyle for rectangular eyeglasses is a classic bob. As the name implies, these so-called nerdy specs also look best with school hairstyles. Updos and a ponytail with open strands will work. Likewise, for a graceful casual look, you can select Flatter fella blue sunglasses.

Flatter fella blue sunglasses



While for women who have the same hairstyle as the fashion designer and singer Victoria Beckham, try putting on butterfly sunglasses with dark lenses and frames. Semi-rimless sunglasses can also work out in accentuating your haircut. For putting on this look, Tessy from Stradale is quite comparable. Apart from providing UV protection, these sunglasses are stylish yet graceful. These durable sunglasses are available in five colour combinations.

Women with shaved hairdos like Scarlett Johansson’s 2015 look or Natalie Dormer’s 2014 side-shaved haircut, metal-rimmed sunglasses will look nice on you. If you have an angular jawline, then go and wear mirrored sunglasses to show off your new look.

Putting on a pair of sunglasses and making a new hairstyle are two of the ways to transform your look completely. Besides, style is something that is to each their own. Keep on experimenting as there is no limit and definite meaning of fashion!


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