Styling your Summer Sunglasses

Sunglasses are among the most important kinds of accessories to wear during the summer season, as the temperatures start increasing and the skies are clear. Apart from being trendy and universal, sunglasses are also useful because they block the sun’s rays and protect your eyes when outdoors. Here are a few different ways to consider styling your sunglasses to rock your look in the hot months of the year.

Select a Bold Colour

You can attract more spotlight to your look by choosing a pair having a bold shade to ensure a unique look. Various options of varied colors to select from with frames can enable you to express yourself. For a cheerful look, go yellow, blue, or pink for sunglasses. Such color will pop and add a bit of hue to your look. You can also include tinted lenses to add extra contrast. Colorful shades with all-black outfits will make a statement with your face drawing more attention.

Go Transparent

Summers are the best time of the year to nail a cool and chic look with the sunglasses. Go for a pair of transparent frames that look different and match them with any color or outfit you wear throughout the season. Such sunglasses are presently trending for both men and women as they have an outstanding appeal owing to their minimalism. A few transparent shades with subtle blue and pink tints look rich and fun. You can prefer to see the world with rose-colored glasses or even blue, as per your favorite color.

Look Reflective

Reflective shades gather all the excitement because they look fashionable. They can protect your eyes behind the colorful mirrors. Moreover, they have a spectrum of shades available, giving you an opportunity to select a pair according to your personality and taste. Blue-green lenses can be donned by men as well as women and suit all skin tones and hair colors, contributing to their versatility.

Choose for Geometric Shapes

One of the recent looks for the summer season is geometric shades, which is certainly eye-catching. Geometric shapes aren’t used by most people and thereby are uncommon. This implies that you can wear unique frames and add a pinch of detail to your style. From quadrangle to hexagon shapes, there being far from the standard contributes to their allure. They’re perfect to be paired on the beach with swimwear or even somewhere outdoors or at a place where formal attire is needed. The style is available in several shapes, but it’s better to choose a neater and smaller geometric shape to avoid the sunglasses from looking cheesy.

Look Sharp with Aviators

Aviators persist to be among the most prominent sunglass styles during the summer season. They have a sharp and edgy classic, distinct, and vintage look for both men and women. (So many adjectives for one style simply convey its awesomeness!) The 70s style aviators are unique because of the big brow bars, oversized lenses, and metal or plastic styles, with an attractive upscale touch.

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Swirl Heart-Shaped Shades

Those who are adventurous enough to have fun with their outfits can opt for wearing a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. They are vintage and were generally worn in the 80s; though they have made a comeback. Their design is cheerful and expresses the wearer while at the poolside or shopping outdoors.

Oversized Shapes

Oversized sunglasses were all over in the early 2000s. Like heart-shaped sunglasses, they have also made a comeback to be enjoyed by the ones who like to experiment. They can't be missed and are helpful in obstructing harmful UV rays by protecting most of the face as compared with smaller spectacles. From geometric to shield styles, there is a generous amount of looks to select from.

Eco-friendly Eyewear

To reduce the carbon footprint, consider wearing eco-friendly eyewear, which is not only stylish but also good for the environment while effectively blocking the harmful rays of the sun. Such eyewear is made from green materials, like recycled plastic and bamboo. Some of them even imitate the natural design of wood to give a retro look that compliments all face shapes. They look great at the seaside or on a hike.

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Bonus Tips

Try minimizing your accessories, jewelry, and color, and allow your sunglasses to rule. Opt for a casual look, which may include a loose tee, delicate necklace, messy hairdo, with your sparkling sunglasses.

You may also try pairing your sunglasses, say, aviators, with a collared shirt. Women may pair a beautiful scarf or professional suit or dress with a set of metal aviators.

Additionally, wearing your sunglasses without actually wearing them is also a cool and chic look. For instance, sunglasses hooked onto outside pockets or shirt collars are a terrific way to accessorize your apparel, making a style statement. Or, consider propping them on your head!


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