How to Select Matching Eyeglass Frames to Your Face and Lifestyle

As people naturally recognize you by your face, the eyeglasses you don are a substantial part of your personality. For this reason, there’s more to grabbing the right sunglasses than simply how they look or how they trend. The key is to find the perfect eyeglass frames to fit your look and lifestyle.

After considering various aspects of the lives of different people, we have figured out a few tips to ease the process of picking up the right sunglasses for men and women.

How to Pick the Right Glasses Frame for Your Face

Eyeglasses for Businessperson

To instill faith and enthusiasm among your business clients and colleagues, it's best to keep up with decent frame shapes and colours, namely:

  • Classic shapes such as ovals and rectangles
  • Conventional colours of gold, silver, brown, grey and black
  • No bright colours in case of plastic frames

Titanium, stainless steel, and rimless frames are good choices.

Moreover, silver, brown, and black are good choices because they go well with most business suits.

Eyeglasses for Creative People and Fashionistas

Modern and classic shapes in thicker and larger plastic frames should be preferred by such people as they never go out of style. Multicoloured laminates are more eye-catching colours. Another prominent option is retro frame styles.

Glasses for People Aged Above 50

Instead of old-fashioned glasses with giant metal frames that reveal your age, a new and elegant style of eyeglass, with shapes such as soft rectangles for men and cat-eye for women, is a good alternative to ponder, providing a more fresh guise.

Furthermore, high-gloss finished frames make your face lively. Dark coloured matte finished frames should be resisted.

Eyeglasses for Students

College is a period to create your own individuality while showing off your style.

Go crazy with a geeky, retro look, a colourful frame, or a sober, decent style, with unique shapes, bright colours, larger sizes, and colour laminations — the permutation and combination are endless.

Eyewear for the Active Parents

For busy parents with no time or preference toward following a specific trend, a conventional yet fashionable pair of eyeglasses is a decent option for most events.

Oval and soft rectangular frames are incredibly functional and look terrific.

As per your personal style, you might select to enhance the fashion impact of a simple shape with elements such as jewellery-like articulations.

Glasses for the Weekend Athlete

A majority of adults often live two lives — one is their normal weekday life including work and the other is athletic life on the weekends.

Office shoes can't be worn with gym outfits. Similarly, the glasses you wear at work might be a bad choice for sports.

For the maximum convenience, performance, and protection during athletic activities, prefer at least one set of sports sunglasses, sports eyeglasses.

As far as styling is considered, they can range from wraparounds to more traditionally shaped eyeglasses and sunglasses. Additionally, sporty looks might comprise bright colours, patterns, and modern varieties of metal and plastic materials.

Frames that fit your Face Shape

It is crucial to find a pair of sunglasses that fit and suit you perfectly in all ways. Seek frames that clasp you properly and fit perfectly on your nose and ears without any pinching or rubbing. Begin by assessing your face shape and try on various combinations of shapes and frames to select the best for your face. For an oval-shaped face, any style looks good, specifically square-shaped frames with rounded edges. Round-faced people should opt for frames that make their face appear longer. Soft, curvy styles are well suited for square faces. Diamond and triangular faces look impressive in oval or cat-eyed rimless styles.

An Important Factor in Eyewear is the Lens.

Polarized glasses curtail glare from light. Carbonate lenses are shatter-resistant for sports. Several lens tints improve your vision in various lighting conditions. As a supplement to your multifaceted lifestyle, you should have multiple sets of eyeglasses.

Always prefer anti-reflective lenses to eliminate disturbing reflections and enhance night vision. For lighter and thinner lenses, select polycarbonate lenses. Photochromic lenses, which darken in sunlight, are an incredible option if you spend time under the sun. If you're more than 40 years old, instead of bifocals or trifocals, try line-free progressive lenses to get a clear vision and a fresh look.

Considering all, if you choose eyeglasses carefully, apart from a crystal clear vision, you’ll get to look "spectacular"!

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