How to not let sunglasses slip from your nose?

If you push your glasses, again and again, back up on the face, it is the time to make some adjustments. There are some suggestions that you can refer to hold your glasses in the right place. Let's look into them below!

1. Tightening the glasses

Getting your glasses tightened by the optician will help to stop them from sliding down your nose. This will work for most of the time, but sometimes after a few months, the glasses tend to lose their grip and begin to slide off again. Note that irritation might also occur if your glasses are extremely tight on the nose, the temples or behind the ears. As a result, you might have to go back to the optician to ease them up again. Accordingly, tightening your glasses can be a good choice but perhaps not the most effective as it's a brief solution to the problem with having to return to the optician every few months for more adjustments.

2. Specialized bands

Eyewear brands are mainly used by sports and outdoor men, and they can be a great way to help you protect your glasses. These types of bands will not only help you to keep your glasses secure from slipping but also help assure the safety of your glasses. Eyewear bands are designed with comfort in mind; so they are made with a modifiable length to fit your head and neck and are very simple to use and adjust. The only drawback is when you are not doing sports, they might seem out of place; otherwise, they're a terrific option to keep your glasses secure and avoid them from slipping!

3. Nose Pads

Sticking a pair of rubber pieces on the glasses' nose pads or selecting a pair of glasses with rubberized nose pads will prevent the glasses from falling. The extra resistance on the nose pad will certainly give more support. However, the support reduces shortly when the wearer bends their head down. For stick-on nose pads, the cheap types often drop off after a few days, while better quality glasses may stay on for a few months. Though, using the stick-on nose pads might not be comfortable for some because of the additional thickness.

4. Wax coating

Apply a wax coating to stave off your glasses from slipping by using the wax on your nose pad region and also on the temples, where the glasses come in touch with the skin. Generally, it works great and is also almost hidden. It needs to be reapplied sometimes, more frequently if you're skin is oily; that's the most evident shortcoming of it.

5. Temple Ear Hook

The temple ear hook is a specialized eyewear fixture that can contribute mechanical support behind the ear. They are slipped onto your glass temple as support from the back of your ears. This is an effective method that you can apply to avert glasses from slipping, but the drawback is generally visible. When you take off the glasses, you are needed to lift the temple higher so that the ear hook could clear the ears' crest.

6. Cable temples

The best remedies to preventing eyeglasses from slipping are based on the frame design. The cable temple will give you a curved temple tip with the structure to hold the back of your ears. They are simply as helpful as the ear hooks and less noticeable too. You may feel some discomfort at the back of your ears, mostly after a long day of having your glasses on. To prevent that from happening, ensure that they're not very tight and well adjusted to adapt the natural curve of your ears.

7. Anchor tips

Most eyewear is designed and structured in a similar manner when it comes to the temples and the tips behind the ears. The temple tips made from acetate can easily be heated and modified for an optimal and comfortable fit. Additionally, the added anchor tips provide a soft, high friction constant elastomer tip, which uses both resistance and mechanical support to avert glasses from slipping. There is a cushion loop, where the temple tip of the glasses comes in contact with the back of your ears, for comfort. Among all the remedies, the anchor tip is the most effective.

8. Rubber Bands and Hair Ties

Hair ties and rubber bands on the temple tip is another common hack to prevent your glasses from slipping off. You can tie one around the temple tip behind your ear, which will provide both slight mechanical support and friction to prevent your glasses from slipping or moving around. This is a low-cost method but a makeshift solution.

Slipping glasses is the most annoying issue for sunglasses wearers. The most common reason is the mechanically unstable design of the glasses' frames. Sunglasses by the label Stradale are designed with utmost attention to details while keeping the comfort of the wearer in mind. Every piece maintains a perfect balance between style and comfort. Thereby, besides the UV protection, durable frames and shock-resistant lenses, these trendy pairs have comfortable nose pads so that the wearer does not have to adjust their sunglasses now and then.




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