How Do You Take Good Sunglasses Pictures?

Be it the beaches or the mountains, we spend a lot more time doing cool things and a lot more time with friends. And certainly, you’d wish to celebrate all of these wonderful times with photos. Thanks to social media, especially Instagram, in a world full of likes, retweets, and comments, you’ve got to take your photos from boring to beguiling!

There are certain hacks to look incredible while posing in your sunglasses.

Know Your Face

First and foremost, buy sunglasses that are perfect as per your face, as if the input would be incompatible, the output could be terrible. When buying sunglasses, make sure to know what kind of frames work best with your face shape. For instance, a heart-shaped face should opt for more width at the top and less at the bottom; round frames or ones with dynamic angles suit a square face. Our Goldie style would be perfect for this face shape; any oversized or angular frame works best with round face type, while almost every frame suits an oval face.

Be Careful of the Glare

When you’re deciding the perfect spot to click a picture, ensure that your surroundings lock in perfect lighting and angles. If feasible block nosy light sources. Or, if the lighting works for everything, except your lenses, move a little to get the right angle, which may eliminate the glare from your glasses.

In other words, sometimes simply tilting or turning your head can get rid of the glaring problem. Tilt the glasses little forward in a way that they’re angled downward and yet maintain a normal appearance from head-on. Also, the photographer can change their angle. Shooting at a slightly overhead angle would certainly work.

In a majority of such cases, backlighting can also ruin a photo by overpowering or hiding the person getting photographed in shadows. However, having a backlight against the sun will balance out the two light sources.

Add Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings

Improving your glasses by using performance coatings, like an AR coating, will decrease glare and reflections and put you in the limelight, not your lenses. They also enhance your vision, including the vision during driving at night.

Position your Frame the Right Way

When clicking pictures with your frames, make certain that you have them raised all the way up the bridge of your nose. This is something the professionals advise the models too during photo shoots. This is because it just always ensures a good fit in the final photograph. Moreover, it decreases the probability of the model's eyes being blocked by the frames. As per the professionals, photos are much more engrossing when you can see the model’s eyes.”

Make Sure We See You

It would be an embarrassment to have your frames blocking your peepers. Oversized lenses are excellent for straight-on shots. You can capture your style without risking your look.

Beyond everything, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder for the reason that eyes are the window to the essence of a character and the soul; they express several emotions, which are conveyed only in perfectly photographed images.

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