Here's What Your Sunglasses Say About You

Sunglasses are elegant accessories. Apart from making a style statement, hiding those bags under your eyes owing to a night of continuous working on the laptop, or protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, they are always there for the rescue.

A nice pair of sunglasses can give vigour to your personality like nothing else. Also, the choices of frames define your taste in things a lot. And… also, it can help you understand someone else's personality too!

Which one of these are you?

1. Vyper Sunglasses

You ooze confidence as if it’s your signature scent. Nothing can make such a human shiver! You, the confident fellow, have a remarkable air of intrigue. Are you awfully hungover? An actual pilot? An army officer? All of the above!? You're one of those with having "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga on their playlists. 



2. Boxy

The one with the rectangular frame, you're disciplined, organized, perfectionist, and an ultimate lover of doing things at the right time. Nobody can read your mind! Formal rectangular glasses convey discipline and professionalism. Quite possibly, you're working in business and professional environments with an attitude that is perfect for the corporate world, where there is fairly less scope for experimenting. You give a serious, no-nonsense vibe!

3. Harley eyes sunglasses

Chic but dramatic, you’re from the tribe of leaders fond of keeping it a bit fancy! It might sound poetic, but the way you peek from the corner of your Harley women sunglasses and raise a brow, the mightiest of nature’s troop comes down to its knees for you! When you slowly lower your glasses towards the tip of your nose to look into the eyes of the halfwit who tried to insult you and failed. You’d excel at preparing a closet because you’re practised in tiptoeing around trends. Besides a quality eyebrow raise, you’re perhaps absolutely good at winking too. You make a sassy statement. You live on the edge with the belief that you only live once. You're more into a perilous lifestyle and love taking risks. 


4. Round John Lennon glasses

You, my pal, are rational, modern, and well-informed as you consider face shape merely a construct. Regardless of their sizes, round glasses look precisely how they’re meant to look – serene and centred. You're calm and cool. Moreover, you tend towards creativity and maybe have a penchant for romantic things – be it literature or life. However, you're not unrealistic; you enjoy the finer aspects of life.

5. Wayfarers

You're one of those pragmatists. Whether your wayfarers have gradient lenses with neon-coloured bands or classic Ray-Bans, which are expensive, your mind can understand that sunglasses are out when the sun is out to get the job done. Wayfarers are "a thing" since the 50s, and indeed, they'll go on being so in the 2030s. You're smart enough to invest in a pair, which is a sensible thing to do. You're always well-prepared for coming opportunities, even if it means to cover yourself in case the sun decides to explode.

6. Lovey Dovey

You are adorable but deadly. You are the Heart Eyes Emoji with a side of rocking personality. "Born to Die" by Lana Del Rey is your soundtrack, for you're full of love while having a longing to live life on the wild side. You think lip tint is still the shit. You're having candies or drinking from a bendy straw right this moment. You're dreamy and unique. You like attending music festivals. You're a creator and connoisseur of chef-d'oeuvre.

7. Rimless trendsetters

Large rimless frames are a blend of vintage-inspired style with a modern twist. You're a quiet and intelligent person, possibly an introvert too, who does want to stand out from the crowd, sans any quirkiness. It’s perfect for those who do not want to make a strong statement. You're happy with your appearance and are not into experimenting with looks.

Eyeglasses help refine your vision, but they also help others see your true self. Finding the right frames that conform to your personality and lifestyle is the key.

In case you feel you relate to a type that hasn’t yet been published, please do let us know!

And yes, enjoy your sunglasses and look your best!


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