[Guide] How To Choose The Perfect Sunglasses, And Stand Out From The Crowd.

Fashion shouldn’t be complicated

Sunglasses are probably the most trending accessory a man can have this summer. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so if you are considering grabbing a pair, the decision might be a bit hard to make due to the huge variety of options available on the market. Don’t worry though, we got you covered! By the end of this guide you will be able to make the right choice. We guarantee that :)


Your face shape

Face shapes are divided into a handful of common categories. Once you know which group your face falls into, you can easily shop for flattering frames. Sounds easy, right? Our tip: As a general rule, the shape of your sunglasses should be opposite to the shape of your face. This helps to create balance by either softening harsh features or creating definition.


Round Face Shape

Round faces are characterised by a narrow forehead and curved jaw line. Defined angles are in short supply. Guys with round faces should opt for sunglasses that create as much definition as possible.

To make your cheeks appear slimmer, choose a style with a strong brow line in a size that is slightly wider than the head itself. Angular glasses will also help to elongate your temples and lengthen your face.


Square Face Shape

Square faces are similar in length and width across the face, with a broad forehead and a strong jaw line. Rounded frames such as aviators and John Lennon styles look better than angular designs with sharp lines.


Oval Face Shape (the Holy Grail of face shapes)

Those lucky enough to have an oval face will find that almost every pair looks good on them. Oval faces have gently rounded, largely even features, making them well-suited to almost any kind of adornment. The only advice for oval face shapes  is to sidestep frames with arms that hang too low, as this will elongate the face.



Rectangular Face Shape

Rectangular faces are long and narrow with minimal angles. To give a rectangular face a sense of balance, seek out glasses that add width to the long shape. Round or square frames work well here, but make sure you go for larger, even slightly oversized styles.



Heart Face Shape

Those with heart face shape are narrow strongly at the chin and are widest at the temples.  It’s important though not to add extra weight to the top half of the face. Not an easy task when that’s where glasses sit. Don’t worry, rounded styles that add some curve appeal to a pointed chin would do the trick.


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