Busted: 6 Myths about Sunglasses

Sunglasses are something much more than merely a style statement, but we often overlook this crucial point that lack of knowledge about the hazards of UV ray exposure contributes to our inconsistent use of sunglasses. Here are 6 common myths related to sunglasses.

1. Sunglasses are only for looks.

It’s an extra when you find a set of sunglasses that makes you look fashionable. The most significant factor, however, in choosing sunglasses is that they safeguard your delicate eyes from sun damage and UV radiation. The UV rays of the sun are dangerous for the skin as well as the eyes. These rays may lead to severe health complications.

2. You should wear sunglasses only when it is bright and sunny and not when it's cloudy.

Most of the people consider wearing sunglasses only when it’s bright and sunny outside. However, UV rays are strong and can infiltrate through the clouds.

UV rays can be simply as contagious on cloudy days as on sunny days. Adults and kids must put on sunglasses whenever they are outdoors.


Not wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day is quite comparable with not applying sunscreen on a cloudy day; you may get sunburned. A similar thing can happen with your eyes - dangerous UV rays can go through the clouds and harm your eyes. Do wear your sunglasses on a sunny day as well as a cloudy day!

3. Sunglasses are just for grown-ups.

Ever wondered why would adults require sunglasses and not children?

Kids spend more time in the sun as compared to adults. Young people need eye protection in the same amount, if not more than adults, because they are still growing up.

For this reason, it is more likely for a substantial fraction of UV rays to harm their eyes as they reach the age of 18. This must be noted that 80% of an eye’s exposure to UV rays happens during childhood. Ask children to wear sunglasses whenever they are out. Be sure to defend your children’s eyes from harmful rays by buying them their own child-sized pair of UV protected sunglasses.

4. All sunglasses give UV protection.

Check the label on the sunglasses before you buy. Not all sunglasses give full protection; so go over the label and then only buy sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection.

For the sole reason that a pair of sunglasses seem to obstruct harsh light, it doesn’t imply that they will protect your eyes. In reality, sunglasses sans proper UV protection can certainly do more damage than good. This occurs when the dark lenses block out light, making your pupils open up wider. This permits more dangerous UV rays to enter into your eyes.

Although polarized lenses can deliver good clarity and vision, they don’t always give UV protection. These lenses can be great if you are close to reflective surfaces like water, if you play sports, or if you simply prefer absolutely clear and crisp vision. Ensure to check that your sunglasses have proper UV protection before paying for them.

5. Sunglasses having darker tints provide better protection.

Do not be tricked into thinking that darker lenses give better UV protection. Dark glasses lacking UV protection can really damage your eyes because these lenses enlarge your pupils more as compared to lighter lens colour.

Actually, light lenses can protect your eyes the same way, only if they provide UV protection. Lens tint or colour has no evidence of how much protection a pair of sunglasses offer.

6. Sunglasses with UV protection are costly.

You do not have to spend a huge amount for adequate UV protection. While more costly sunglasses may offer more trendy frames, higher quality lenses, sharper images and less glare, it is very simple to find economical glasses that offer 100% UV protection.

For instance, Catiffico sunglasses by Stradale are a nice option to go for. Available in three shades, these trendy sunglasses provide UV protection, along with the prices being reasonable. Also, Voltaire sunglasses provide UV protection at an affordable price, along with maintaining a fine balance between fantasy and vigour.

So, do purchase UV protection sunglasses at an affordable pair. In this way, you will be able to buy more sunglasses in your limited budget, without burning a hole in your pocket.


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