Back to School! What Pair Will You Wear?

As the heat and sun continue to be a daily part of the summer season, make sure to prevent the sun rays from reaching your eyes with a stylish pair of shades to add some personality into any outfit. Utilising various styles of shades for every mood and style is a simple way to rock any look for any day of the week without crushing your bank account.

1. Caesar

These sunglasses harmonize vogue with minimalism. The pair is trendy as well as decent. Therefore, this amalgamation makes it one of the most sought-after pairs of sunglasses for students. Moreover, the price of these UV protected polarized pairs won't burn a hole in your pocket. All the colour combinations are equally desirable and can conform to any outfit. For instance, the beige shade is perfect for dresses majorly having shades of blue. Contrarily, khaki and black frames universally suit every outfit. Our pick would be the tortoise shade owing to its uniqueness. It gels with every look yet stands out.


2. Polarspex Wayfarer

The matte black frame of these shades is the most preferred ones. The classy look of these shades gives an 80s retro vibe. Despite being made using high-end materials, you won't have to pay much as the brand manufactures its products on its own. These glasses are great for outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking, kayaking, surfing, and the like. Also, they make a nice gift for birthdays, graduation and party favours.

3. Livhò Aviator

We have these forever-cool aviator sunglasses. Often remembered for their cameo role in the movie Top Gun, these glasses are great for people with long jaws and angular faces. You can opt for a host of varied forms as there are a few diverse styles out there right now. Livhò aviators have a stainless steel frame. They come in a variety of colour combinations to match up to every outfit. So, whatever style aviators you choose, it’s a sure thing you’ll look too cool for school in them. Also, their nose pads are comfortable, adjustable and made from medical grade silicone. They are a good choice for men and women.

4. Gentle touch

These shades come in a variety of four colour combinations: black, green, purple and brown. These sunglasses are elegant and come in a variety of colours. These shades are created to match your colourful and youthful soul. These glasses have been in trend for a while now, and they stay relentless throughout the season. These babies give some considerable coverage and keep the sun off your face throughout the year. A dapper choice, this pair works best for people with the narrow or oblong face shape.

5. Feidu Retro

This classic pair of sunglasses oozes a vintage vibe. Available in seven colours, these glasses are round and thereby look stylish on the right person. They look best on people with a chiselled face and high cheekbones. Also, they are making their mark at the fashion shows this season. Besides, those with an oval-shaped face can play around with styles depending on their mood. Apart from being a good fit for the school and college life, they are great for vacation, travelling, driving, sports and more.

6. Sojos Square

These sunglasses having a golden frame and grey coloured lenses are suitable for any climate and weather conditions. This pair is perfect for outdoor use also. They can bring you a colourful and vivid spirit in the hot summer. Therefore, planning an outing after school won't require a new set of shades. Whatever style you wish to go with these glasses (be it understated or Lady Gaga), you’re assured to look retro-cool. This is one trend you’re guaranteed to pull off. The most beneficial tip here is to stick with dark frames and sleek styles that feel purposely futuristic.

7. Nightowl

Nightowl sunglasses stand out by equalizing the athletic design with the artistic one. They are defined by visionary design and a classic, yet fresh charm. The materials used are of outstanding quality so that the wearer can enjoy it. This pair is a blend of all the 90s trends that have been making a comeback. Whether you need to style them with a white lab coat or a floral dress, it conforms to both.

School days have ultimately blessed us with their onset and that can only imply one thing - it’s time to break out the sunglasses! This is a tremendous way to start the semester by keeping up with the fads, grab the attention of your crush and most importantly be able to stand out from the crowd.


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