9 Instagram-worthy poses to nail a picture

Certain good and quick tricks can help speed up the process of getting the perfect shot, saving you a lot of time. These simple ways will aid you to snap the excellent shot every time.

1. One Foot Forward

The most spontaneous pose when someone takes your photo is to put your feet straight down. This pose gives your body a natural curve. Moreover, try to step forth on the balls of your feet to be rather on your tiptoes; it’ll stretch the legs and thereby make you look taller and slimmer.

 2. Don’t Be Afraid To Move

As effortless and relaxed these bloggers make their Instagram photos look, it’s no cakewalk; especially, clicking a perfect picture while in motion. You are probable to come out with a few outtakes that’ll make you laugh for months. However, solely adding some movement to a click soon makes it more intriguing and attractive. Be real and move the way you usually would.

 3. Down in Front

Sitting is the ever relaxed posture; it can result in a great shot. When you’re relaxed, you’re more inclined to look and feel realistic in front of the lens. Also, at times, a chair can feel too awkward; explore other options such as stairs, floor, handrail, or bench. Do try various locations to get a perfectly colourful Instagram.


4. Step Wayyy Back

Allow the surroundings of your landscape to look more prominent. Besides, it adds interest to your Instagram feed. Jokingly, it’s simpler to look better from a distance if you want fewer things to worry about! Plus, to get the desired shot, take a photo of the location sans you in it. Then, show it to the person clicking, and simply ask them to retake it with you in it!

5. Revisit

The cinematic pose – over the shoulder and glance back; the best way to do this one is being real with it. Imagine yourself telling a friend to follow you someplace. Looking back right just when the camera clicks is best. So, ask the photographer to let you know when they are ready, and then, look back and “click!”.

Regard the Back of Your Head

You’ve got nice tresses. Among the perfect way to transform things up is to click the classic “looking away” picture. Apart from being visually interesting, they are apt for days you didn’t want to apply makeup or maybe are hungover. Don't just take my word for it. You'd find even the celebrities opting for this pose.

6. Bonus tip: Pick a Prop

Simply deciding what to do with your hands is half the war. Use a prop of some kind to get a more natural shot, which doesn’t feel as staged. Props could be anything – a coffee mug, a camera, a novel, a puppy, a handbag, a glass of wine, a pair of sunglasses, and the like.

7. The Mirror Selfie

The simplest hassle-free way to grab an outfit shot is the mirror selfie. These shots always get great traction on the picture posting platform. Considering this, put your efforts getting the always famous mirror selfie. Try different arrangements. You can do a full-body, or just go for the outfit. Furthermore, move the camera down between your midsection and chin to prevent your legs from looking short and thick.

8. The Sideways Glance

The informal sideways glance is a go-to. You get an always flattering nice profile. Additionally, it gives you that cool vibe. If you’re an expert, throw a dramatic hair flip in there. Such poses coupled with hilarious captions get a lot of engagement.

9. Look down

 When getting the right shot feels like pulling teeth, the downward glance will never let you down. It works for everyone. It comes to the rescue just in case the other snaps fail. You may blend the previous pose with this one by looking downward but sideways.


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