8 things to do with your old Sunglasses

Wondering what to do with those discarded glasses of yours? Remember? The ones with the outmoded frames and/or a prescription from fifteen years ago? Believe it or not, there are numerous things you can do with your unwanted glasses.

1. Recycle them

Remove the glass lenses and leave them in a glass recycling bin. Metal or plastic frames can be recycled if your city has recycling services.

2. Donate them

Various charities collect glasses to provide to people in need who can't pay for them. You may ask your eye doctor if he/she knows of such a charity, or just give them to a thrift store. You could also inquire about the need for glasses from the director of a nearby nursing home or old age home for their residents.

3. Save them

Glasses make a wonderful accessory for different costumes. Remember Harry Potter? Kids and teens from all over the world were going gaga over those glasses, especially on Halloween. Add them to your daughter or granddaughter's stash of dress-up clothing.

4. Pass your old glasses down

If they are ordinary reading glasses, someone in your family is likely to use them after you've graduated out of them. Ask your family and friends.


5. Use them again

If you like the frames, go to your local optical shop and ask them to switch out the lenses as per your new prescription, or transform them into sunglasses. Alternatively, if the prescription is good but the frames are old, just buy new frames.

6. Make your discarded glasses into a work of art

Be imaginative. Affix a pair of glasses to a pot for a plant, and stick a nose and a mouth underneath them. Make a sock or paper puppet and give it glasses. Pop out the lenses, colour them with glass paint, and hang them from a ring to make a gorgeous wind chime. Or, just allow your artist kids to decorate them with acrylic paint. They might like painting on something other than paper. Additionally, attach dazzling rhinestones to the frames.

Pile those old glasses into a decorative bowl and put it near a stack of novels. This will ooze some geeky vibes.

7. Get crazy

Put your "abandoned" glasses on your children's snowman. It will be the best-looking snowman in the area. Put the glasses on your pet’s face and click pictures to share with family and friends.

8. Gift them

Utilize them as a fun gift for your friends and family, specifically those having a milestone birthday, such as a 40th birthday. Fix them neatly to the top of a gift box, in the centre of the bow, or wrap them up with a hat so that both their eyes and future baldness are covered!

In a situation where you’ve had an eye test and it comes out that your prescription has changed, and you might have only just bought a pair of really cool glasses, there are way more ideas that you can implement to utilize your old glasses.

Considering the trend towards sustainable fashion, it’s important to decide what’s going to happen to your old glasses. With this in mind, these eight eco-friendly ways would help recycle or reuse your old glasses.


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