5 sunglasses those are just ideal for formal events

Seeking office-friendly sunglasses that won’t confine your style? Or boardroom-worthy frames that will keep you looking the part when you walk out in the sun? To ease your search, go through what we have in store for you!

1. Flatter fella

These are among the most popular sunglasses for men and women. Available in seven shades: beige, black, blue, brown, silver, white, and tortoise, these sunglasses are crafted using UV400 CAT 3 lenses, which deter the harmful UV rays from the sun from reaching your eyes. Being polarized prevents the light glare from hitting your eyes directly. These sunglasses are a combination of minimalistic fashion, which apt for formal events. Although all the colours of the frames are suitable for several seasons, black can be considered a universal pick. They possess the ability to become a staple set as they stand out with class.

Flatter fella white



2. Vyper

On a day out with colleagues after a boardroom meeting, Vyper sunglasses enhance and gather your passion and personality in one beautiful pair of sunglasses. Their simplicity yet vogue are meant for noisy commutes to the office as well as calm summer evening parties with office pals. Besides beige and black colours, these sunnies are also available in slightly unconventional pink and tortoise shades. Thereby, such uncommon sunglasses, when teamed with monochromatic outfits, add a quirk to the entire personality. These sunglasses can be called modified and slightly deviated versions of aviators as they are rounder.

3. Caesar

Caesar sunglasses are crafted for those who desire to stand out. These sunglasses symbolise an ideal equilibrium between style and minimalism, along with a pinch of charm. This makes them an excellent choice as office wear. The high-quality materials ensure the comfort of the wearer. They come in a variety of colours such as beige, black, khaki and tortoise; this versatility makes them conform to every outfit. Also, such oversize frames are prominent in the fashion world these days.

4. Rollo G

On a busy day at work out in the sun, these brown pairs give maximum relief, particularly for a strenuous lifestyle. They have a basic design; still, they match with every look. Moreover, the inclination towards nerd looks never declined completely. More importantly, with time, this look is being modified more and more. For instance, thick black-rimmed frames are banded with straight hairs, pale make-up and dull formals.

5. Voltaire

These tiny shades come in four colour combinations: black, green, red and silver. Instead of spending on a solo pair, try exploring varied styles. These shades faultlessly strengthen the symmetry between fiction and nicety. They carry a charm of futurism sans being dramatic. Moreover, one can pull off a few bizarre hues such as green for office parties as well. Remarkably, 90s-inspired tiny sunglasses are all the excitement this summer (and they will be so throughout the remaining seasons too). The style-crazy people are presently split in two; while on one aspect, we have those who are madly in love with traditional shades of these sunglasses and are on cloud nine due to their comeback, as they were hoping for it since ever; on the other hand, there are a considerable number of people who would instead wear red or green frames to enhance the eccentricity of these already uncommon pairs.

Fashion is limitless; it is not about rules; it's all about surprise and fantasy. Sunglasses are an important part of an individual's outfit; a shabby and uncomfortable pair of sunglasses may leave a terrible impression of your personality, whereas an impeccable pair reinforce your aura!

Protecting your eyes is something that is greatly crucial throughout the seasons. No matter how much time you spend outdoors (whether it’s your everyday commute or jet-setting around the world for business meetings), such pairs of sunglasses are a must-have.


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