5 hacks to remove scratches from your Sunglasses

The thought of removing scratches from glasses could give anyone a headache, and every glasses' user must have suffered it on many occasions in their life.

Well, do not get disappointed because scratches are easy to deal with using the following quick fix hacks.

1. Toothpaste

You do not require any costly toothpaste; you just need non-abrasive and non-gel based toothpaste, which is used in every home, along with a small cotton ball or soft lint-free cotton fabric. Put a dollop of toothpaste on the scratched part of glasses and carefully rub the toothpaste in soft circular movements by using a cotton ball or a soft cloth. Keep on rubbing in small circular moves for a few seconds to remove the scratches. Next, rinse the eyeglasses in clear cold water and dab and pat dry with a clean cloth. If the scratch still persists, you may perform the same procedure again. This is the most common, cheap and time-saving method of eliminating unwanted scratches from glasses without purchasing any special ingredient.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda is another inexpensive solution to rub off scratches and is handily available in our kitchens. Take one spoon baking soda and mix it with half a spoon water and prepare a thick paste. Dab this paste on the glass surface with scratches. Using a cotton ball or soft cotton fabric, rub the scratched portion in a smooth circular action for ten to twenty seconds. Wash the glasses under cold water and wipe off with another soft fabric. This process can be done again if the scratch remains there. Baking soda remedy is simple, cost-effective, time-saving and a perfect way to clear off tough scratches.

3. Vehicle Cleaner Wax

Vehicle cleaning wax is used to smoothen vehicles. This wax is a good substitute to repair scratches on two types of lenses, the glass as well as the plastic. Vehicle wax should be dabbed on the scratched part of the glass using cotton wool or soft cotton fabric. Gently rub the area till the scratch on glasses is not visible. Wipe the glasses with another soft cloth. This wax fills in the scratches and thereby makes them not visible with naked eyes.

4. Brass, Silver Or Metal Polish

Brass, silver or metal polish can be utilized to reduce scratches from the glasses effectively on plastic frames. A tiny amount of polish should be applied on the scratched portion by using cotton wool or soft cotton fabric. This requires to be dabbed for a good few minutes. Next, the excess polish is wiped out from the lenses with another clean soft fabric. This procedure should not be tried on glasses, as it will damage the coatings of the glass lenses. This method requires little time and little amount (obviously) for buying metal polish. This procedure is not as cheap as the earlier described procedures.

5. Glass Etching Cream

Using glass etching cream is a much better method to repair scratches on glasses. Any conveniently available glass etching cream having Hydrofluoric Acid can fulfil the job on plastic eyeglasses. All you should do is to apply a thick layer of glass etching cream on the exterior of the lenses. Allow the cream to settle, say, for roughly five minutes, without scraping the lenses. Afterwards, wash the lenses and wipe off with clean cotton fabric. The glass etching cream will get peeled off along with the scratches. This cream is harmful to glass lenses and must be not used in such cases. This method is a bit expensive and unsafe. Although the method is quite easy, if the cream is left for more than five minutes, lenses are likely to get damaged.

6. Professionals' services

The abovementioned remedies are temporary quick-fixes. These methods work on the glasses but do not give 100% surety of eliminating scratches. In cases of stubborn, deep and hard scratches, these remedies will not be useful. Also, it is an unpredictable business as the lenses may get worsened through any of the above methods and instead of doing good, you could come out damaging your lenses more. Not to ignore, the harsh chemicals can knock off or harm other coatings too. Glass lenses are quite vulnerable to get harmed owing to any of the above hacks. For these reasons, if you feel you cannot remove the scratches from glasses on your own, then it is better to pass them to the services of the expert professionals.

You might have dropped your glasses accidentally several times while doing something, kept them improperly and uncovered in your handbag, or maybe a mischievous kid could have just snatched them to play. The reason could be countless. Certainly, scratches leave a pair of glasses worsened and are like pain for eyewear users, particularly to those using prescription glasses with high power lenses.

Your glasses are your window to the world; they deserve to be clean.



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