As the summer months arrive, you’ll no doubt be cracking out your favourite sunglasses often. If you’re seeking a cool, fresh and trendy look, you’ll adore what we have for you here.


These stylish sunnies are available in conventional black colour and bizarre tortoise colour. The traditional cat-eye sunglasses used to be angular and sleek; they could be commonly seen among the sophisticated and elite crowds throughout the 60s and onward. However, this model is a refined edition of the cat-eye sunglasses popularized by various celebrities, especially Audrey Hepburn. Accordingly, they exude a retro vibe also.

harley tortoise women sunglasses



Remarkably, it may not appear like it right now, but brighter days are ahead; as they arrive, you'll crave a pair of cat eyeglasses. From retro colours like black to modern shades like tortoise, these traditional frames make a snappy addition. As seen on the runways and worn by someones, this joy eyeglass shape is the real accessory to convey any look to the next level.

2. Narciso

These sunglasses, attainable in black, beige and tortoise shades, can never be disregarded thanks to their extraordinary and graceful charm. These retro sunglasses are all over this season as they augment the glamour factor. This evergreen design is thereby an understandable part of summer 2020 sunglasses collection.

These beautiful glasses are a natural retro style with a ton of contemporary push. Despite your choice, these retro frames will have you channelling your favourite vintage celebrities.

3. Continental

Available in white, black and tortoise shades, they match the zealous, party animal look. Such space-age sunglasses, since the 60s, were a part of numerous outer space-themed movies such as Star Trek and Planet of the Apes. These sunglasses, particularly the white ones, are here to bestow your look a little more oomph than other standard neutrals. Bright sunglasses demand a warm climate irrespective of the shape.

continental tortoise women sunglasses



This trend is an effortlessly versatile style for anybody. Kurt Cobain popularized such sunglasses and have newly become famous again.

4. Droid

We’ve seen heavy-duty boots and industrial belts steer their path into even the vastly feminine wardrobes. Likewise, these sunglasses look like safety goggles, as if they pertain in a science laboratory. They are obtainable in beige, black, blue and silver colours.

On the contrary edge of the spectrum, these sunglasses are a kind of shield sunglasses. They’re the latest fad in oversized sunnies, and I’m certainly adoring it. While they do give off a little ski mask vibe, paired with the right chorus, these sunglasses are high-key cool.

5. Back to the future

They come in black, silver, gold, and brown frames. Named after the well-known movie, Back to the Future glasses are a part of our new collection to depict a futuristic fashion buff. With an actual handmade creation and outstanding design, Back To The Future is the true accessory for a party or a casual excursion. These pairs are bombing the web. No matter how many ultra-skinny frames rule the market, such a frame will live on. Anticipate seeing such glasses all over social media in spring and summer. 

While the square may not be complimenting everybody, when it works, the impact can be very attention-grabbing. Whether the focus is on geek-chic frames or colourful frames, this is a craze that can take you (and ultra-sun protection) into summer.

As per various recent Fashion Weeks, it seems that some very cool sunglasses designs are on the frontier. Whether you’re going for dapper oversized sunglasses, retro frames, or a unique sporty look, these favourite sunglasses trends were sighted on the runways on both sides of the Atlantic.



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