10 New Sunglasses Trends You'll Be seeing Everywhere

Find our favourite sunglasses fads for the summers of our new collection, comprising comfortable and durable UV protected polarized sunglasses. From futuristic structured frames to retro sunglasses, there's something in the mix for everyone, and that too without burning a hole in your pocket!

1. Flatter fella

One of the most sought-after sunglasses for men and women, these shades are available in seven shades: beige, black, blue, brown, silver, white, and tortoise. These sunglasses are a combination of minimalistic frame and rectangular, shock-resistant lenses. These trends have been on the couture circuit for several seasons. Also, they can become a staple pair owing to their ability to stand out with elegance.

2. Narciso

These sunglasses, available in black, beige and tortoise shades, can never go overlooked owing to their unique and elegant appeal. These retro sunglasses are all the rage this season.  Also, they’ll make you look more glamorous. This timeless design was an effortless part of summer 2020 sunglasses collection.



3. Back to the future

These sunglasses come in black, silver, gold, and brown frames. Named after the famous film, Back to the Future glasses are a part of our modern collection to portray a futuristic style fanatic. With an original handmade creation and impressive design, Back To The Future is the perfect accompaniment for a party or a casual excursion. These pairs are bombing the web of social networks.

4. Harley

These cat-eye glasses flawlessly show off the tanned face yet protect your eyes. These stylish sunnies are available in black and tortoise colours. This model is a deviated version of the cat-eye sunglasses popularized by several celebrities including Audrey Hepburn. The original cat-eye sunglasses were more angular and thinner and could be widely seen in popular culture throughout the 60s and onward. Therefore, they ooze a retro vibe as well.

5. Caesar

Undoubtedly, these glasses won’t go wrong in living up to your hopes. Fashionable, also minimalistic, with a sense of charm, they are the precise choice for a calm day of self-care or a drink out with friends. These shades are available in beige, black, khaki, and tortoise frames. It cannot be dismissed that the geeky frame inclination has come back with a vengeance. These pairs will have you channelling everyone.

6. Gentle touch

These sunglasses can make you skip a beat. With elegance and a variety of brilliant colours, black, brown, green and purple, they will match your vivid spirit. Although such futuristic sunglasses have been trending for a few seasons, our summer collection brings with them a new bend.

7. Metheor

These sunglasses combine recent trends with a polished style. They are a true symmetry between innovation, composition and functionality. They come in black, blue, brown and silver shades. Remarkably, they are super useful as they insulate most of the face from the dangerous sun rays. They work best on oval and round faces.

8. Vyper

These sunnies indicate vigour, subjectivity and temperament. They are meant for noisy summer sundowns, sunrises on the beach, or anywhere. They come in a diverse range of shades, which are beige, black, pink and tortoise. Quite comparable with Back to the future sunglasses, the slight shape change makes all the difference.

9. Droid

We’ve seen heavy-duty boots and industrial belts evade their way into even the extensively feminine closets. Similarly, these sunglasses look like safety goggles, as if they belong in a science laboratory. They are a crush of men as well as women and are among the most desired models of summers. They are available in beige, black, blue and silver colours.

10. Continental

The sunglasses from our collection have a timeless design. Available in white, black and tortoise shades, they match a cool, party animal look. Such space-age sunglasses have come a long way since the 60s and were a part of various outer space-themed movies such as Star Trek and Planet of the Apes.

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